Thanksgiving Gratitudes

Happy Thanksgiving!


This has been an amazingly blessed year for us at ExZacht Sewing! So many wonderful things have happened. I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the blessings and "what's new!"

Industrial Sewing


In February 2021, ExZacht Sewing began working with a local manufacturing company sewing motorcycle & quad replacement seat covers. With all blessings, come setbacks, and while we have had our share, we are now poised to be able to offer industrial sewing to the community! Through the generosity of the Eastern Oregon Border Board we were granted the funding to purchase TWO new Juki Industrial Walking Foot Machines. We now offer sewing on heavier grade materials like canvas, leather, and vinyl.

New Employees

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With our new endeavor, I was finally able to take the next step in my business mission and dream. Hiring and empowering other women in the workforce! I hired a high school student to help after school, to begin with, just to get my feet wet as an employer. Within a few months, with work increasing, I hired another full time person. Machine broke down and without the ability to produce covers, I eventually had to let this person go, and go back to sole production until productivity increases. I currently have 2 part time people working for me.

New Location

  • Classroom space - Check the EVENTS tab for upcoming class schedule (Still under construction)
  • Retail & Consignment space - There is space for a small retail section and we will be offering consignment space beginning in the new year!
  • Extra office space - We currently rent out the extra office space, and are grateful to the two tenants who help cover costs, and have become great business allies!
  • Dressing room - Fittings just became easier! New, spacious room off the women's restroom allows fittings to be done modestly and with enough space to move around. No more cramped back room!
  • Garage/Auto garage door - And my pride & joy! The drive in garage with fully functioning auto garage door. This sure makes pickup & delivery of totes full of vinyls more easily unloaded & loaded!

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